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Premium Heating Oil

Improves Performance and Protects Equipment

When winter brings frigid nights to Connecticut, you need your heating system to run reliably. We treat our heating oil with a premium additive known as TES3400 that keeps system components clean and reduces the chances of an untimely heat outage. The heating oil we deliver benefits customers in several ways:

  • It cleans heating equipment by dispersing any sludge that forms in the heating oil in order to prevent clogs in strainers and nozzles.
  • It clean nozzles, which enhances performance and efficiency.
  • Metallic components are protected.
  • Antioxidants make the fuel more stable.
  • Microbial growth is diminished, eliminating the likelihood of internal tank corrosion.

Better quality fuel is one of the hidden benefits that Tracey Energy delivers. (Many heating oil dealers use no additive in their fuel.)

Proudly Serving:

  • Ansonia
  • Clinton
  • New Haven
  • East Haven
  • West Haven
  • Orange
  • Derby
  • Milford
  • Woodbridge
  • Bethany
  • Cheshire
  • Seymour
  • Hamden
  • Wallingford
  • North Haven
  • Northford
  • Shelton
  • Branford
  • North Branford
  • Guilford
  • Madison