The Very Best in Replacement Heating Oil Tanks

Heating oil tanks are well built and durable, but they all require replacement eventually, and it's vital to replace your tank while it is still sound. Tracey Energy specializes in removal and replacement of heating oil tanks. We inspect, test and evaluate existing tanks and recommend a proactive approach to protect your home, your property and the environment.

The only correct time to replace a tank is near the end of its life but while it's still in good condition, and every heating oil customer should have a realistic plan regarding tank replacement. The best place to begin is with an inspection of your existing tank. Tracey Energy's tank experts evaluate both aboveground and underground tanks and provide a sensible plan for tank replacement. If your tank does not require replacement now, you'll gain peace of mind knowing it has been evaluated. If the tank is ready to be replaced, we'll help you select a new environmentally friendly model.

If you are interested in tank protection or replacement, call us or contact us online.

TankSure® Tank Protection

You can protect your heating oil storage tank and reduce the cost of its eventual replacement with the TankSure® program offered by Tracey Energy. We periodically check the soundness of the tank using an EPA-approved testing method, and when you replace the tank we pay up to $1,000 toward the cost.

The TankSure® Program Includes:

$1,000 Proactive Tank Replacement Credit

  • Tank Credit covers $1,000 toward replacement of your tank
  • Proactive monitoring and replacement of tanks
  • Reduces unexpected costs
  • Reduces risk and increases safety

Ultrasonic Inspection

  • Trained technicians use an EPA-approved ultrasonic testing process to evaluate the thickness of your tank walls
  • The annual test and evaluation facilitates a Proactive Replacement Process

Scientific Analysis & Documentation

  • Your tank's thickness measurements, physical characteristics and surrounding environment are analyzed with state-of-the-art Tank Profiling Software
  • Tank information is compiled on a Tank Inspection Certificate for your records. This is important documentation if you ever sell your home.


Why Do I Need TankSure®?

Just like the roof on your house or tires on your car, your heating oil tank has a finite lifespan. Heating oil tanks contain hundreds of gallons of fuel and they typically corrode from the inside out. Therefore, your tank may look perfectly fine, but it could be wearing excessively thin in spots. The ultrasonic testing process we perform will allow us to give you a sense of security — or advance warning of a possible problem.

What Benefits Do I Get With TankSure®?

Our technicians are trained to conduct the TankSure® Program ultrasonic tank test. You will receive a Tank Inspection Certificate, which is a valuable record if you ever plan to sell your home. Most importantly, qualified tanks will receive a $1,000 credit toward a new tank when you need one. This is an important safety check and a valuable economic benefit for our customers.

How Does TankSure® Work?

A TankSure®-trained technician will conduct an ultrasonic test (similar to a medical ultrasound) of your tank every year at the time of your annual service. The test measurements are analyzed by our tank analysis software program, which will indicate when a tank should be replaced. Once your tank is qualified by the first test, the TankSure® Program provides you with a tank payment credit that covers $1,000 of the replacement cost of your tank. This is a valuable and unique benefit.

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