BioHeat-LOGO_big.pngBioheat® fuel is better for the environment and heating systems: It’s a blend of traditional heating oil and renewable, low-carbon liquid fuel made from resources like plant oils, animal fats and even recycled grease. Because it is an ultra-low sulfur heating oil, it burns cleaner, extending the life of your heating equipment.

Bioheat® fuel is better for the economy: According to, Bioheat® Fuel “decreases our dependence on foreign oil, creates jobs, boosts agriculture, and cuts costs for consumers.”

Bioheat® fuel is economical: Bioheat® fuel offers a better overall value than gas heat for Connecticut homeowners. Heating oil means more hot water: Oil-fired hot water heaters make faster, cheaper, hotter hot water than gas or electric.

Bioheat® fuel is safe: Nothing beats the safety record of heating oil. Heating oil is not explosive, and inhalation of fuel oil fumes is not lethal. What's more, if you have a system malfunction, an oil-heating system will give you tell-tale signs such as smoke, odors or even soot before releasing dangerous levels of carbon monoxide (CO). Gas heating systems give you no warning of CO production or release.

Bioheat® fuel is clean: In fact, Bioheat® fuel burns so cleanly that its emissions aren't even regulated by the Federal Clean Air Act. Bioheat® fuel formulations integrate renewable biofuel and ultra-low sulfur heating oil. A blend of ultra-low sulfur heating oil that contains 20 percent Biofuel burns with lower emissions than natural gas or traditional heating oil.

Bioheat® fuel is comfortable: Heating oil produces the hottest flame of any home heating fuel, heating your home faster, with less fuel, and keeping your home at the temperature you want.

Bioheat® fuel billing is easy to understand: Heating oil usage is measured in gallons, something we are all familiar with. You know what you're getting. Gas heat usage is measured in "therms," a measurement that few people understand. Gas heat bills also contain a variety of mysterious and incomprehensible add-ons such as gas-cost adjustments and weather-adjustment clauses, which actually increase gas rates when the weather is warmer. Heating oil bills are simple, straightforward and easy to understand without any gimmicks.

Bioheat® fuel is dependable: You can count on plenty of fuel from both the U.S. Government and Tracey Energy. The United States' Strategic Petroleum Reserve has a capacity of 700 million barrels — the world's largest emergency heating oil stockpile.

Working with our family-owned heating oil company means personal service: We're proud to know our customers — and their heating systems — personally. (You'll never get that with the big gas utility!)

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