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At Tracey Energy, we install and service top-of-the-line central air conditioners and ductless mini-splits from Heil, Frigidaire and Rheem. We'll help you find the cooling equipment that's right for you. The question is, is it time to upgrade?

Why Upgrade?

Why should you consider a new central A/C system? The answer is simple: New cooling systems have the power to save you energy and money! According to the U.S. Department of Energy, today's central air conditioners use 30 percent to 50 percent less energy to produce the same amount of cooling as air conditioners made in the mid 1970s. Even if your air conditioner is only 10 years old, you may save 20 percent to 40 percent of your cooling energy costs by replacing it with a newer, more efficient model.

Brands We Carry


heil.jpgHeil's QuietComfort DXT+ Two-Stage Air Conditioner offers SEER ratings of 16 to 18 that deliver high-quality cooling with outstanding energy efficiency. The two-stage scroll compressor operates most of the time at the quieter, lower stage, changing over to the higher stage at higher outdoor temperatures to produce more cool air. A deluxe sound blanket also reduces compressor sound levels. The painted, galvanized steel cabinet features a powder-coat, baked-on finish and a coated inlet grille with narrower spacing to provide maximum protection as it allows for proper airflow and easy coil cleaning.


frigidaire.jpgFrigidaire manufactures outstanding, high-efficiency built-in air conditioners that employ the Effortless™ Remote Temperature Control that makes it easy to maintain the room temperature you want. 


rheem.gifRespected for reliability, Rheem is an industry leader for total heating, cooling and water heating solutions. All Rheem products meet or exceed rigorous industry and regulatory standards for quality, reliability, efficiency, and air and water quality. From design and fabrication to finished product assembly, each phase in the manufacturing process is rigorously monitored and measured to ensure the highest quality, durability and operating excellence. Rheem products are routinely tested and certified by various government and third-party testing labs to ensure quality standards.


Q: Do I need a new central air conditioning system?
A: You might! Look for these three warning signs:

  1. It isn't producing cool air, even after the filter and coils have been cleaned.
  2. It's producing loud noises, especially a squealing or grinding sound.
  3. There are pools of water forming outside near the base, which could be a sign of a broken drain tube or condensation pump.

Q: What about air conditioning a room (or a whole home) without ducts?
A:  Ductless mini-split air conditioning systems are gaining popularity, especially in homes without ductwork, retrofits and home additions, and for installations in compact spaces. These slim, compact systems can be installed high up on a wall or attached to the ceiling, and they look nothing like typical air conditioners.

Service Plans

When the most uncomfortable days of summer arrive you want your air conditioning system operating at peak performance. This is why our Comfortmaster Cool Service Plan is designed to give our customers what they want most  an efficiently running and dependable air conditioning system.

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