NEW HAVEN, CONN., Nov. 8, 2021 - As world leaders discuss how they will impact climate change, one area they agree on is the need for renewable energy sources and curbing methane gases. How does that specifically impact homeowners in the northeast, where most of us rely on oil heat in the colder months? Could heating oil be part of the solution or do millions of homeowners need to completely change their heating systems?

Your Home Heating Oil Is a Blend of Plant Oils, Animal Fats and Grease

The movement to phase out fossil fuels is referred to as "electrification" and homeowners currently using heating oil would be faced with new equipment costs, new relationships with large utility companies, and a less-reliable heating source. It's estimated 5.5 mission households in the U.S. rely on oil heat, and about 81 percent of those are in the Northeast. Heating oil companies, however, can be part of the solution.

Connecticut oil companies now deliver Bioheat®, an ultra-low sulfur heating oil and the most sustainable residential heat source available on the planet. Bioheat® is a blend of traditional heating oil and 2 to 20 percent renewable, low-carbon liquid fuel made from resources like plant oils, animal fats and even recycled grease. It's better for the environment and heating systems, and these recycled components would otherwise pollute landfills and water resources.

"At Tracey Energy, Inc. we are using the maximum blend - 20 percent recycled oil. It's our responsibility to take care of our planet," said Jennifer Tracey-Carlo, third-generation owner with her husband, Ralph.

Bioheat® is Domestically Produced and Cuts Carbon Emissions

Home heating oil is produced in the U.S. and the biofuel portion is produced in New Haven. The American Energy Coalition estimates replacing petroleum fuels with biofuel can cut carbon emissions in half. "If more fuel oil companies used higher percentages of biofuel in their oil, we could reduce the carbon dioxide emissions equivalent of taking 1.5 million cars off the road," Jennifer said. "And homeowners aren't impacted. Biofuel works with existing heating systems. Along with other special treatments we add, it actually extends the life of the system by keeping components like filters and fuel lines clean and lubricated."

According to Co-owner Ralph Carlo, "We're committed to reaching a 50 percent blend by 2030, with our goal of being carbon-neutral by 2050."

Be an Informed Consumer

Visit to learn about the work being done. Or learn more about Bioheat® heating oil at "It's a complicated issue and we want to be part of the solution," Ralph said.

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