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Easy Pay Budget Plan

Heating costs can be difficult to manage when you receive frequent deliveries in winter with payment due shortly after delivery. Tracey Energy makes fuel buying easier with the Easy Pay Budget Plan, which spreads out your fuel costs in monthly payments.

We calculate your monthly bill in advance of the heating season by estimating how much fuel you'll use (based on your home's usage history) and what the average price will be to arrive at a projected total annual cost. We divide that amount by 11 to determine your monthly payments. Instead of paying more in the winter months when we are delivering most of your fuel, you will pay a predictable amount every month for 11 months. If applicable, you can also include your service plan costs as part of your monthly payments.

Important Note on Easy Pay: Your monthly payment is based on two estimated numbers  the gallons of fuel you will buy and the average price per gallon. Both numbers can change over the course of the heating season. If your total price increases, your last monthly bill will be larger than the others. (If you think your total cost is increasing, you can check your account through the My Account page, call our office, or simply increase the amount you are paying monthly.)

Guaranteed Price Protection

Tracey Energy offers three options for purchasing heating oil, including two plans with Price Protection. Please use the information below to select the option that is best for you.

Which Pricing Option is right for me?
No one pricing program is proven to be the best year after year. Will the oil market go up this winter? Will prices be lower? With the options available, we hope to make a tough decision a little easier and give you the ability to choose a program that works best for you.

Option #1: Daily Market Price

This option is best for: Customers who anticipate heating oil prices will continue to fluctuate and may decrease during the winter months. Your price per gallon will be the daily retail rate on the date of each delivery. Payment terms are Net 15 Days or an 11-month Easy Pay Plan.

Pros: There is no fee for this program. If prices remain stable or decrease, you will receive the most favorable pricing.
Cons: This option includes no price protection. If prices should increase during the season, you might pay more than you would pay with price protection.

Option #2: Fixed Price Program

This option is best for: Customers who anticipate heating oil prices will either remain fairly stable or increase over the next several months and want to ensure their heating oil prices will not increase throughout the heating season. Payment terms are (choose one):
  • A one-time, upfront payment for gallons purchased. Payment includes heating oil only.
  • An 11-month Easy Pay Plan. Payments include cost of heating oil and service plan, if applicable.
Pros: Your price is locked in. If prices increase during the heating season, you avoid paying the higher price. There is no fee for this program.
Cons: If the price should decrease during the heating season, you will not benefit, because your price is locked in.

Option #3: CAP Easy Pay Program

This option is best for: Customers who anticipate heating oil prices will fluctuate over the next several months and want to ensure their heating oil prices will not increase throughout the heating season while also being able to take advantage of lower prices should the heating oil market decline. This program carries a fee for the CAP cost that protects you. This fee is based upon the gallons you purchase and is rolled into your monthly Easy Pay payment. Payment terms are 11 equal payments, which include heating oil costs, CAP fee, and service plan, if applicable. 

Pros: Your maximum price is capped, and you won't pay more regardless of where prices go. If prices decrease, you will benefit.
Cons: There is a cost associated with protecting a heating oil price against the risk of sizable swings in both directions. This cost covers the cost of two-way price insurance.
  • All offers are for a limited time only and are subject to change without notice.
  • Our Price Programs are effective for gallons purchased and delivered.

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