From getting your home ready for heating season to better understanding heating oil prices, October marks the start of chilly weather and heating oil deliveries.

“Shivery and Snowy”

recent article in the local Patch quoted the Old Farmer’s Almanac. “In Connecticut, winter temperatures will be low, while precipitation and snowfall will be high.” The Almanac claims the coldest periods will be in early December, early and late January and most of February.

I don’t know if our local meteorologists will agree, but it’s always interesting (and probably a bit naïve) to try and predict Mother Nature’s plans for the season. But whether you believe in the predictions of a book or the shadows of a rodent or the color of the moon, one thing is clear: Colder temperatures are on the way and now is the time to get ready. With a volatile heating oil market, doing what you can to weatherproof your home, ensure the efficiency of your heating system and get your best heating oil pricing in place can make a big difference. 

Here, we offer some tips and suggestions to warmly weathering the 2022/2023 winter heating season!

Best, Ralph

Gas Prices Versus Oil Prices: Why the Discrepancy?

Gasoline prices have steadily decreased in Connecticut to an average about $3.50 a gallon for regular. That’s a welcome drop from the highs of almost $5 a gallon with Connecticut dropping state taxes on gasoline and the U.S. continuing to release about a million gallons of oil each day from reserves. Unfortunately, we haven’t seen similar drops in the crude oil market, though prices seem to have at least stabilized. 

Heating oil prices are affected by basic economics: supply and demand. As we move into the colder months, demand is going to increase while world supply remains the same. That will impact the price. Colder winter months will also impact demand. Because of demand, the U.S. continues to import a significant amount of oil; oil companies have used their record profits to pay dividends to their shareholders versus investing in new oil production in the U.S. market.

Family heating oil companies like Tracey Energy and customers like you get caught in the middle. We monitor prices every day and will do what we can to bring you the fairest prices we can.

We are still setting up Budget Payment Plans for customers: helping you spread your heating season costs over 9 months. Call us now to see how this can help you manage your monthly heating bills.


Our Capped Price Program caps your heating oil price per gallon so it never increases while ensuring you benefit from any price drops. Our customer service team can provide you with details and get you on this plan.


8 Tips for Managing Heating Costs

You’ve seen many of these before – and they are worth repeating again. There are things you can do to keep the heat in and your house warm.

  1. Open window blinds during the day and close them in the evening.
  2. If you use the oven, leave it open when you are done so it “cools off” by dissipating the heat into the kitchen.
  3. Fix air leaks around windows, doors and electrical outlets and replace worn-out weather stripping.
  4. Add insulation in your ceiling if it is less than six inches deep.
  5. Wrap your pipes.
  6. Have your chimney cleaned and inspected.
  7. Ensure your heating system is good shape with an annual inspection. 
  8. Close your kitchen vent, fireplace damper and closet doors when not in use.

Get Your Chimney Ready for Santa

You can keep the stockings packed, but cleaning the chimney needs to be on your list and checked twice. Creosote can build up, affecting ventilation, and a chimney fire threatens your whole home and everything in it. Tracey Energy recommends Guaranteed Home Improvement. Fill out an information form on our website or call 866-528-1324. This will certainly put you on the “Nice” list.


Everything Pumpkin!

We know many of you are all in for those pumpkin pies, scones, coffee, scented candles, and so much more! Almost everything has turned orange! So we are going to indulge your indulgence with this great article on all things pumpkin in Connecticut! And if you carve a pumpkin or bake a pie, send us a picture on Facebook – and save us a slice!


To the women and men bravely battling breast cancer, and to the loved ones supporting them in that fight, we salute you today and every day for showing us what "brave" really looks like.

October is also Domestic Violence Awareness Month. If you or someone you love is in need of help, here are some resources in Connecticut or call or text the confidential hotline at 888.774.2900

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