Warm Weather Conservation Tips

- 11:15 am - April 30th, 2014

At Tracey Energy, we take great pride in helping our customers save money and conserve energy. While the benefits of upgrading to a new air conditioner can be enormous, we realize this is not a practical solution for every homeowner. Homes with old air conditioning systems, and even homes with recently upgraded systems, can still lower their energy usage during the summer months. Here are a few warm weather conservation tips to help you save:

  • Close your windows, doors and curtains to block the sunlight from heating your home.
  • Install reflective window coatings.
  • Cook on the grill to keep cooking heat outside the home.
  • Keep the coils of your central or window air conditioner free of dust and dirt.
  • When the outside temperature is lower than the temperature inside, open your windows instead of keeping your air conditioner on.
  • Use ceiling fans to supplement your air conditioner. They’ll blow the cool air around your home, making your air conditioner’s job easier and more energy-efficient.


For additional summer conservation tips, visit our energy conservation page or contact us.

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