How to Rein In Your Heating Oil Prices

- 8:48 am - January 22nd, 2020

Heating oil users throughout the New Haven area understand that heating oil prices tend to fluctuate, making heating costs difficult to predict. Being unable to predict these costs make it even more difficult to properly budget your household’s finances.

That’s why we provide our customers with a few ways to take control over their heating oil prices!

Some of our customers’ options include the…

Easy Pay Budget Plan

Putting heating oil deliveries on the Easy Pay Budget Plan helps out with winter heating bills! We’ll estimate the annual heating costs based on the gallons of fuel that are purchased and the average price per gallon. We then divide that up into 11 even monthly payments, allowing customers to pay for their fuel throughout the year instead of paying for the bulk of fuel deliveries during the heating season.

Fixed Price Program

When customers sign up for a fixed price, their heating oil costs will remain the same for the season. Regardless as to whether or not oil prices rise or fall, they will always know what they’re paying for fuel!

CAP Easy Pay Program

Customers under the protection of our CAP Easy Pay Program will enjoy a price ceiling – or a maximum cost that won’t be exceeded at all throughout the season. This protects customers from rising oil prices, but allows them to benefit from lower prices if the cost of oil should fall.

How are you going to start controlling your heating oil prices? Read up on your options when you visit our website, or contact us to learn more about our available heating oil price protection options and other heating services we provide!

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