Tips to Help Prepare You for Winter!

- 10:00 am - November 20th, 2023

With winter right around the corner, it’s important to take steps now so that your home is prepped and ready to keep you warm all season long. To help you, we talked to some of our energy experts at Tracey Energy, and compiled a list of tips and tricks that can help prepare you for winter and save you money in the process!   

Get Ready for The Winter Season:

  • Sign up for Automatic Delivery – When you choose to enroll in automatic deliveries, you are choosing convenience! You won’t have to monitor your fuel level or call to arrange a delivery. We will make sure you always get your fuel delivery on time!
  • Enroll in a Protection Plan – A Comfortmaster Service Plan from Tracey Energy will provide you with 24-hour heating emergency service, discounts on parts and labor in the event of a repair, and your annual tune-up, which improves efficiency and reduces the risk of a breakdown.
  • Correct Air Leaks – Take a look around your doors and windows and replace old or broken weather stripping. This is an easy and inexpensive way to help seal the warm air inside your home and prevent cold drafts. 
  •  Wrap Your Pipes – Before you begin to wrap presents, wrap your pipes to prevent heat loss and frozen pipes. Dealing with a burst pipe is no way to spend the holidays!

Since we began serving Greater New Haven’s heating and cooling needs over 90 years ago, we have learned a few tips along the way to help prepare you for winter and reduce your energy bills!

For more information, contact or call Tracey Energy at (203) 777-5747.

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