Stay a Step Ahead of the Heating Season

- 5:38 pm - August 19th, 2019

Is it time to replace your heating equipment? You might be thinking about holding out on upgrading your heating system until it breaks down – but is putting up with an interruption to your comfort necessary? Of course not! It is okay to plan ahead and prepare for the cool weather by upgrading your heating system before it breaks down and leaves you out in the cold!

If you do need a sign that it’s time to upgrade, however, keep an eye out for…

Outdated Equipment

It might be working now, but outdated equipment that has seen years of use can be reaching the end of its lifecycle. What’s more, equipment that’s 10+ years old isn’t as efficient as modern equipment.

Rising Fuel Costs

As equipment ages its efficiency degrades, leading to an increase in fuel consumption and in the amount of fuel you purchase to keep your home as warm as you need it to be.

Frequent Repairs

Heating systems need to be tuned up at least once a year, but if you’re calling for service multiple times in between, you’ll end up spending more on repair costs than you would if you purchased new equipment!

Long Run Times

When your equipment starts running for longer periods of time, it’s an indication that your heating equipment is struggling to keep up with your demand for comfort during the heating season. New equipment is equipped with variable speed motors, which help better control these cycles and improve efficiency.

There’s no denying that the heating season is on its way – how prepared are you going to be? That all depends on whether or not you reach out and contact us to discuss upgrading your heating equipment!

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