Automatic Heating Oil Delivery – The Smart & Easy Choice This Holiday Season

- 11:18 am - December 18th, 2013

Stop worrying about checking your heating oil levels! When you sign up for automatic delivery, we’ll deliver heating oil before you get stuck in the cold. Our formula, calculated by factoring your historic fuel usage and weather forecasts, is able to project when you’ll need your next delivery. We’re very confident in the accuracy of our degree-day formula, however, we need you to keep us advised of any change in usage to ensure on-time delivery.  

Hosting guests for several days is likely to lead to a drastic change in home heating oil usage that isn’t factored into our projections! If you are having friends or family stay over during the holidays, let us know ahead of time! We will adjust our delivery date to ensure you don’t have a heating emergency. 

If you have yet to sign up for automatic delivery for this heating season, contact us to enroll!

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