Too Hot to Handle? Upgrade Your Air Conditioning System

- 4:36 pm - July 14th, 2021

We’ve experienced some hot days this summer: Has your central or ductless air conditioning system kept up with the heat and humidity?

Is your A/C equipment falling short of your expectations? Consider upgrading the equipment and getting the most comfort from your energy dollars!

Do you notice any of the following issues with your air conditioning system?

  • It won’t produce cool air

  • It’s making loud squealing or grinding noises

  • It’s leaking, leaving pools of water outside near the base of the equipment

These may be signs that it’s time to upgrade your equipment to improve your comfort and avoid rising energy and repair costs. Upgrading your air conditioning gets you:

  • Modern, high-efficiency equipment that uses less energy to provide cool air

  • Better comfort coverage for the home

  • Longer equipment life expectancy

  • Improved indoor air quality

And remember, regular maintenance is the key to enjoying the benefits of your newly installed air conditioning system! The same pros you trust to get the equipment installed also perform our annual tune-ups, so you know you’re getting an experienced, HVAC-trained technician every time you schedule an appointment.

Let us help you figure out if an upgrade is the right move to keep you and your family comfortable for many summers to come! Call or contact us online today for a system evaluation and consultation.

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