Tracey Takes the Stress Away!

- 6:06 pm - February 16th, 2017

We’re now several weeks into 2017. The holidays are a distant memory, and more than likely, so too are those “life-Tracey-Maintenance Repairs.png 123rf_10246220_xlimproving” resolutions you made as the ball dropped on New Year’s Eve. As March approaches, you’ve probably gone right back to the full-time routine of juggling career and family responsibilities. 24 hours in a day?!?! Not enough! Moving to Pluto would give you more hours, but shipping your stuff four and a half billion miles might get a little pricey. We’ve got an easier way to add some precious moments back into your life: Tracey Energy’s worry-free Automatic Delivery service! 

When you choose Automatic Delivery for your heating oil, you choose convenience. You won't have to monitor your fuel level, remember to make a phone call to arrange every delivery, or wait around for a delivery truck, because Tracey Energy will manage your deliveries automatically. We use intuitive forecasting software that accounts for your past fuel usage and local weather conditions to set a custom delivery schedule. We use a degree-day monitoring system to note weather variations that could affect your fuel usage rate. This lets us know exactly when to schedule your home heating oil delivery. The result is that there will always be fuel in the tank when you need it. 

Best of all, there’s no additional cost to sign up for our automatic delivery service. It’s the worry-free and convenient way to get your fuel! 

Of course, changes in your household’s daily activities also change your fuel usage patterns. So, if you are already enrolled in our automatic delivery program, please be sure to let us know when: there’s a new bundle of joy living under your roof; a houseguest is spending some time with your family; you’ve completed an addition to your home; or family members have moved in or out. We’ll adjust your delivery schedule to reflect your new requirements. 

Unlike that forgotten New Year’s resolution, Tracey’s automatic delivery is a life-improving gift that will bring benefits all year long, year after year! And customers who enroll can also enjoy the added convenience of our valuable Comfortmaster service plan and monthly Easy Pay budget program. 

Enroll in Tracey’s automatic heating oil delivery program today, and rest easy tonight!

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