How to Stay Warm and Safe During the Coldest Time of the Year

- 10:00 am - January 18th, 2023

Conservation is a term that we hear a lot these days. Whether it's about helping lower carbon emissions in the atmosphere by using Bioheat® Fuel in your home heating system or the small measures that homeowners can take to use less fuel and spend less money, The fact is, conservation matters! 

That is why Tracey Energy put together this checklist of a few simple tasks to help keep that precious heat inside your home for the rest of the winter. You can find more information about all our conservation tips here.

Winter Conservation Tips

  • Replace any cracked or broken windows
  • Clean and inspect your fireplace chimney regularly
  • Repair weather stripping and caulking that may be damaged
  • Wrap your exposed pipes to guard against heat loss and freezing
  • Remove air conditioning units from any windows
  • Close your kitchen vent, fireplace damper and closet doors when not in use
  • Request a free heating system consultation (for regular customers) with a conservation expert (203) 777-5747

With your conservation efforts in order, and the cold weather bearing down on us, Tracey Energy made a list of some winter safety practices. Keeping you warm isn't our only goal; we also aim to ensure the safety of everyone inside your home.

Winter Safety Tips

  • Check your carbon monoxide and smoke detectors
  • Clean out your air vents and replace the air filters
  • Ensure you have a full tank of fuel or call for a delivery (not necessary if you are on automatic delivery)
  • Create an emergency response plan
  • Practice safe snow removal or make sure you have someone to rely on to do it for you

We hope these conservation and safety tips allow you and your family to enjoy a safe and warm rest of your winter season. For further questions about conserving heat or winter safety, contact us here!

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