Don’t Get Scrooged – Stick With Dependable Heating Oil

- 11:01 am - December 9th, 2015

The season of giving has returned – a time when folks get together to exchange gifts and share flavorful food, delectable desserts and of course, warm company! And speaking of warmth, your beloved family and friends aren’t the only ones helping to make the holiday season a cozy one. 
Aside from being incredibly affordable and comfortable, the heating oil delivered to you by Tracey Energy comes with a wide range of other benefits, though natural gas scrooges will certainly try to convince you otherwise. Here are some heating oil facts the utilities don’t want you to know:
  • Heating oil is more economical than gas heat: While utilities claim that gas heat is less expensive than heating oil, they neglect to factor in the extra fees they charge, such as basic monthly charges, delivery charges, franchise fees and administration charges – all of which add up to disprove that claim. New installations on homes less than 150 feet from a new gas main carry a 10% surcharge, and new installations on homes more than 150 feet from a new gas main come with a 30% surcharge – to say nothing of your own conversion expenses: switching to gas can cost up to $10,000 or more in conversion expenses.
  • Gas utilities do not offer full service: Unlike a full service provider like Tracey Energy, natural gas utilities do not service equipment in customers' homes, so customers must make inconvenient and often expensive arrangements with an independent service company or neglect their equipment altogether. On the other hand, as a full-service provider, Tracey offers preventive maintenance, 24-hour emergency serviceequipment installation, conservation advice and neighborly, personal customer care.
  • Heating oil is far safer than gas heat: This one is perhaps the most important to remember. Natural gas is explosive, and if a leak develops inside or near a house, a deadly explosion can occur. In fact, since 1994, there have been over 4,500 gas pipeline incidents, resulting in over 300 fatalities and more than $2.5 billion in property damage. On the other hand, heating oil is not explosive. In fact, it will not even burn unless it is preheated to 140° F. Heating oil systems also produce odors and visible warning signs in the event of a malfunction, providing better protection against carbon monoxide poisoning.   
For these reasons, heating oil continues to be the very best way to keep your humble abode comfy and cozy like a warm quilt. And while our delivery drivers may opt for oil trucks in lieu of reindeer-drawn sleighs, they’ll certainly be out there spreading the warmth of holiday cheer all season long. And don’t forget that our 24-hour emergency service is ALWAYS here to aid you in the event of a heating malfunction – even on Christmas Eve! Contact Tracey Energy today for all your full-service heating oil needs.

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