How Safe Is Your Heating Oil Storage Tank?

- 11:52 am - October 14th, 2021

Built to last for decades and tucked away in a corner of your basement or backyard or buried underground: Heating oil storage tanks are often “out of sight, out of mind.”


While most tanks can provide 20 to 30 years of safe, reliable fuel storage, decades of regular wear-and-tear can weaken them from the inside out. Outdoor tanks face additional stress from wind, rain and ice; underground tanks can be compromised by a variety of soil and environmental factors. It is important to replace damaged tanks before they experience a release of oil, but it can be difficult to spot a tank that has internal damage. 


Know the Warning Signs

There are some warning signs that your tank needs to be replaced. If you notice any of these, contact Tracey Energy immediately.


Aboveground Tank Warning Signs:

  • Wet spots around the oil tank

  • Small puddles or spots of oil near the tank or piping

  • Persistent heating oil odor

  • Higher-than-usual fuel bills

  • Rust, discoloration, or denting

  • Unstable legs, damaged tank gauge


Underground Tank Warning Signs:

  • Higher-than-usual fuel bills

  • Soil contamination/fuel smell

  • Dead plants above tank site

  • Oil stains on the property

  • Oily sheen in your water


Tracey Energy Can Help

Tracey Energy will inspect, test, and evaluate your oil storage tank, and, if necessary, install your new, environmentally friendly aboveground storage tank. We will properly fill and seal decommissioned underground storage tanks according to all local regulations. Anew heating oil storage tank can add value to your home and protect your property and the environment for years.


The benefits don’t stop there. Tracey Energy offers additional protection to all our customers’ storage tanks, old and new. Our Bioheat® fuel with UltraGuard reduces sediment build-up and inhibits internal corrosion, and the TanksSure® Program provides annual ultrasonic tank inspections and a $1,000 credit for the proactive replacement of weakened tanks.

Don’t put your property, lifestyle, or the environment at risk! Contact Tracey Energy at (203) 777-5747 or visit to learn more about our tank protection and replacement optionstoday.

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