It's Never Too Late for a Comfortmaster Service Plan

- 2:21 pm - December 23rd, 2022

The heating season is in full swing, and as temperatures continue to drop, your heating equipment is going to be working overtime. You need to be sure your heating equipment is ready to perform when you need it. Heating equipment repairs can be costly, but they don’t have to be. Tracey Energy offers several Comfortmaster Service Plans for both oil and gas heating equipment that provide unbeatable value and protection. Tracey Energy is an expert when it comes to HVAC equipment maintenance, repairs, or installation. We can be trusted to keep your heating system running when you need it most.

Comfortmaster Service Plans

Tracey Energy provides Comfortmaster Service Plans for oil or gas heating equipment with three choices and varying benefits depending on the coverage you need. However, with any of our plans, you receive three important benefits.

  1. Annual tune-ups for preventive maintenance reduce the chance of equipment failure and ensure your system can operate at optimal efficiency. A well-tuned system can reduce fuel consumption by up to 5% compared to an untuned system. This translates to fuel savings of $100 or more for most homes in a typical year.
  2. Emergency service and prompt response to heat emergencies. You’ll have peace of mind knowing Tracey Energy’s 24-hour response has you covered.
  3. Significant cost savings in the event of a repair. Our bronze plans include a 20% discount on labor and parts, while silver or gold plans cover 100% of repairs to the components they cover.

As an added bonus, our valued customers receive $50 in loyalty credits each year they participate in a Comfortmaster Service Plan. Tracey Energy provides expert heating and cooling services for the homeowners and businesses of Connecticut. If you have any questions about which Comfortmaster Service Plan is right for you or are interested in becoming a Tracey Energy customer, contact us today by giving us a call at (203) 777-5747. We strive to deliver our customers the best possible home comfort experience while providing unmatched value and convenience.

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