The Price Is Right (ALL of Them!)

- 11:20 am - December 7th, 2016

Tracey Energy makes it easy to purchase your Bioheat® heating oil – on your terms! We offer several pricing options to accommodate your specific needs and preferences.

If you want the security of knowing your fuel can’t rise above a certain price, but still want to take advantage of price drops, our CAP Easy-Pay program is the plan you’re looking for. This plan features the built-in price protection of a capped price, which is the maximum price per gallon you will pay for fuel. If the price of fuel goes up, you’re protected by the capped price; if the price of fuel goes down, you receive the lower price. This program carries an upfront fee for the CAP insurance costs.

Become-A-Customer-123rf_-20190063.pngIf you’d prefer to have a known cost to budget around, our Fixed Price option lets you do exactly that. With this program you can lock in a fuel price for a specific amount of gallons over a period of time. You are completely protected from increasing fuel costs and you’ll know exactly how much you are paying for every gallon of fuel. You can either make a one-time, upfront payment for gallons purchased, or take advantage of our 11-month Easy Pay Plan (more on that below).

If you prefer to make your fuel purchases based on market conditions, we offer our customers a “daily market price” option. With this option, you’ll be billed at the market rate per gallon, which will be directly related to that day's market price. You are not locked into an annual set price, but if prices go up, you will pay the higher rate.

Finally, if you find it easier to budget your fuel costs over the course of the year, we offer the convenient Easy Pay Budget Plan. Automatic delivery customers who are enrolled in our budget plan get to divide their payments equally over 11 months. Your monthly bills, based on historical fuel usage, will be consistent and you won't be saddled with your highest bills right after the holidays when you can least afford them.

Your fuel, your choice! Staying warm has never been easier. Contact us for the purchase plan that’s right for you.

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