Shopping for a New AC System? Consider Going Ductless

- 3:21 pm - April 14th, 2021

Spring is here and summer is within sight, so it’s a good time to get ready for warmer weather and evaluate your air conditioning system. Have your cooling costs been increasing? Has your AC system struggled to keep up with your demand for comfort?Are you tired of blocking your windows with traditional units? Consider upgrading to a new ductless mini-split air conditioning system!

At Tracey Energy, we sell and install the latest ductless mini-split air conditioning systems from leading manufacturers Mitsubishi and Fujitsu! These AC systems are perfect for keeping Connecticut homes cool during the summer. Here are a few reasons why!

  • The flexibility of a ductless mini-split system allows homeowners to replace inefficient window and wall air conditioning units with indoor units that offer efficient temperature control for each individual room in the home.

  • Save money with the efficiency of the ductless mini-split system. The outdoor and indoor units use less power than traditional forced-air systems, so you save on utility costs.

  • The air in your home remains cleaner thanks to the multi-stage filtration systems and fewer places for dust to gather internally.

  • Easy installation means less downtime. Only a 3” hole is required to run the tubing for a ductless mini-split system, no need to open walls or ceilings.

Don’t spend the summer sweating the heat! Call or contact us online to learn more about today’s modern, highly efficiency ductless mini-split air conditioning systems.

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