Holiday Season Conservation Tips

- 11:18 am - November 5th, 2013

Celebrating the holiday season can be costly. Energy bills are bound to rise between keeping your home decorated and entertaining your family and friends. That’s why we want to share some energy saving tips for this holiday season to ensure you the extra money to get yourself that great gift.
  • Don’t open your oven while cooking – Opening your oven will allow about 20 degrees to escape and force your oven to use more energy to raise the temperature.
  • Close the refrigerator door when you aren’t using it – Poor refrigerator opening/closing habits (such as leaving your fridge open while you pour your morning juice) can waste 50-120 kWh a year. The lower end of that spectrum, 50 kWh, is enough to run your dishwasher 20 times. 
  • Use LED Christmas Lights – LED Christmas lights use 33% less power than incandescent lights and can save you up to $10 every 300 hours they are on. They also burn cooler, reducing the risk of Christmas tree fires.
  • Replace cracked glass in your windows – These cracks will allow cold air to enter, warm air to escape, and force your heater to work harder to maintain a comfortable temperature. 
  • Fix any air leaks – Air leaks can be found around windows, doors, and electrical outlets and will make it more difficult to keep your home a steamy, comfortable temperature.
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