Four Ways We Help You Stay Cool

- 3:40 pm - March 11th, 2020

We never stop thinking about the weather – it comes with the territory of being New Haven’s reliable home comfort provider! That said, we’re looking ahead to the warmer days of spring and summer and our homeowners’ ability to keep cool. Have you started considering how prepared you are for the warmer weather? If not, we can help!

From start to finish, we’ll set you up with an optimal and efficient way to cool your home, and this is how:


Every home is different, and that’s why the design of your air conditioning system is important! From the size of your AC equipment to the ductwork, every aspect of your cooling system needs to be in place. Our expert technicians will make sure of it!


After we’ve designed the AC system that fits your home, we’ll take the time to install the equipment up to code and manufacturer’s specifications. Properly installed equipment will last longer because it won’t have to work as hard to keep you cool and it’ll work more efficiently, saving you on cooling costs.


Installing new cooling equipment and then neglecting it will cause your energy costs to rise and increase the risk of breakdowns. With regular maintenance done on an annual basis, our experts will be able to spot small issues and fix them before they become larger problems. Keeping the equipment clean also helps keep it efficient!


Under the protection of our Comfortmaster Service Plan you’ll receive your annual tune-ups as well as an assurance of 24-hour response to emergencies and a 20% discount on the parts and labor costs associated with any necessary AC system repairs.

Whether you need new cooling equipment or you’d like to maintain your old system, we’re always ready to take your call! Contact us online today to set up an installation, tune-up or to enroll in our AC Comfortmaster Service Plan.

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