Benefits of Ultra-low Sulfur Heating Oil

- 9:12 am - January 29th, 2019

Home heating oil has made significant advancements over the years. One such milestone took place on July 1, 2018, when all heating oil sold within Connecticut became what’s now known as Bioheat® fuel – a component of which is ultra-low sulfur heating oil (ULSHO).

What is ultra-low sulfur heating oil?

Prior to 2014, the allowable amount of sulfur found in heating oil was as high as 3,000 parts per millions (ppm). On July 1, 2014, Connecticut began reducing sulfur in home heating oil by putting a 500 ppm cap on sulfur content (commonly referred to as low sulfur heating oil). Four years later, sulfur content was reduced even further to a maximum of 15 ppm, and this is what’s known as ultra-low sulfur heating oil.

What are the benefits of ultra-low sulfur heating oil?

  • Environmental Safety: Ultra-low sulfur heating oil emits next to zero particulates, making it the cleanest variation on home heating oil ever produced. Burning ULSHO instead of traditional heating oil cuts sulfur dioxide emissions by 75% and nitrous oxide emissions by 10%.

  • Improved Efficiency: ULSHO reduces what’s known as scaling – or a buildup of sulfur on the equipment – which improves the efficiency of the equipment so that you’ll get more heat in your house and less will be lost up the chimney or out of vents.

  • Increased Equipment Life: Because of the reduction in sulfur content, the internal components of home heating equipment stays cleaner, requiring fewer service calls and extending the life of the equipment.

So, what’s the take away? Connecticut homeowners can enjoy the peace of mind in knowing that their home heating oil is clean, green, and efficient! Best of all, no modifications are needed to utilize Bioheat® fuel or ULSHO – all it takes is one phone call to Tracey Energy to start reaping the benefits! Call or contact us today to learn more.

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