Chill Out this Summer with Our Energy Conservation Tips!

- 10:00 am - June 17th, 2024

Now that we have experienced our first heatwave of the year in New Haven, there is no denying that summer is here! Even though the temperatures are soaring outside, it doesn’t mean your energy bills need to inside. Practicing energy conservation can reduce your monthly energy bills and even improve your home comfort.   

Here are a 10 conservation tips from your friends at Tracey Energy!

  1. Use ceiling fans: Make sure you switch your fans to spin in a counterclockwise direction to create a down draft and cool your home! This will help alleviate some of the work load on your AC and reduce your cooling costs.

  2. Cook outside: Conventional ovens create heat inside your home and force your AC to work harder. Try cooking outside to avoid adding unnecessary heat inside.

  3. Use your windows: On milder summer nights you can naturally cool your home by opening windows to avoid running your air conditioner.

  4. Schedule an AC tune-up: Air conditioning tune-ups can increase your equipment’s efficiency and reduce monthly utility costs.

  5. Clean or replace your AC filter: A dirty air filter can force your air conditioner to work harder and drive-up energy costs.

  6. Install a programmable thermostat: Updating to programmable thermostats is a simple and cost-effective way to reduce energy waste and save money.

  7. Dry your laundry outside: Dryers use a lot of energy. Try hanging your clothes outside to dry them.

  8. Draw blinds or shades: During the day you should draw your blinds or shades to block out the sun and keep the heat outside your home.

  9. Use your thermostat efficiently: Setting your thermostat too low can overwork your AC and increase your cooling bills.

  10. Don’t cool an empty house: When you are away from home, set your thermostat to a higher temperature to conserve energy.

Have you scheduled your air conditioning tune-up for the summer? There is still time to take advantage of our limited-time offer and save money on your annual tune-up! Contact Tracey Energy today to learn more conservation tips or schedule an AC service for summer.

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