Plan Ahead: How to Protect Your Home This Winter

- 1:00 pm - August 24th, 2022

This beautiful summer season is flying by, which means the cold weather will be knocking on your door before you know it. When it comes to keeping your home warm and safe during the winter season, don’t get cold feet. Act now by calling the experts at Tracey Energy!

Annual Heating System Tune-Ups

Our high-quality annual heating system tune-ups ensure your heating equipment is fuel efficient and fully prepared to keep you comfortable through even the coldest winters. Scheduling your annual tune-up now makes your heating system less likely to run into any problems during the chilly months ahead.

Our expert technicians will find any issues and provide you with the best possible solutions before they become an issue in the future. We’ll thoroughly test, inspect, lubricate and adjust your system’s parts so you have the uninterrupted comfort you need. Our experts will even clean your heating equipment so dust and dirt don’t impact its performance.

How to Get Your Annual Heating System Tune-Up

Our annual heating system tune-ups are included in our Bronze, Silver, and Gold Comfortmaster Service Plans. Our service plans provide coverage for repairs, replacements, tune-ups and more. You’ll even receive a $50 credit towards the installation or replacement of heating system equipment for each year you’re signed up for any of our plans.  

Not signed up for a service plan? Give us a call at (203)-777-5747 and we’ll be happy to set you up with the perfect plan for your needs.

Ready to schedule your annual inspection? Call us today to ensure your home is ready for winter.

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