Protect Your Fuel Storage Tank with Help from Tracey Energy

- 10:00 am - February 22nd, 2023

Above-ground fuel storage tanks are an excellent way to safely store your home's Bioheat® fuel on your property. While it's a good idea to utilize enclosures and overhangs to protect your tank, storage tanks are still susceptible to damage from their exposure to the elements. Underground tanks are also a great way to store Bioheat® fuel on your property. However, if the tank is not fixed correctly and develops cracks, it can be tough to perform repairs. Although it's uncommon, releases from your storage tank could cost you thousands of dollars to clean up and might even require expensive soil and groundwater testing.

When it comes to maintaining the health of your fuel storage tank, Tracey Energy has got your back!

The Solution: TankSure® Tank Protection Program from Tracey Energy

Tracey Energy offers the TankSure® Tank Protection program, where we perform periodic ultrasonic testing to examine the tank so you can replace it as soon as an issue is discovered. Once a Tracey Energy technician examines your tank, you will earn a Tank Inspection Certificate, a valuable record if you ever sell your home. Additionally, when it comes time for a new tank, TankSure® members will receive up to $1000 in credit that they can use toward their replacement tank.

In between TankSure® testing, keep an eye out for wet spots, rust, dents, and unprotected fuel lines. These are signs that a serious problem may be occurring inside your fuel tank.

Call us at (203) 777-5747 for an emergency service, or contact us on our website for any questions about our TankSure® program.

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