Why Heating System Sizing Matters

- 9:22 am - September 22nd, 2020

Purchasing new heating equipment requires a little forethought, especially when it comes to the size of the system. It’s not as easy as choosing the biggest heating system to heat your home faster, or the smallest to save on energy costs. Everything needs to be just right for your particular household!

Issues that can arise with equipment that’s too large or too small include:

Uneven temperatures

Large equipment can potentially heat up a space and quickly shut down, preventing the rest of the home from reaching the set temperature. Small equipment will struggle to warm up the entire home.

Increased wear and tear

A heating system that’s too large for a home will cycle more frequently than a properly sized system, which puts a lot of strain on the system. A system that is too small for a home will run indefinitely, never reaching the set temperature and putting more wear on the equipment.

Increased fuel consumption

In addition to straining the system, constant cycling from large equipment can result in more fuel being consumed as it takes a lot of energy for the equipment to start back up. Additionally, because a smaller system is running constantly it will use up more fuel than a properly sized system would.

With the heating season looming up ahead, it’s the right time to start getting your heating system in order! Trust the professionals at Tracey Energy for all of your home heating needs and contact us online or call 203-777-5747 to set up an evaluation.

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