Make The Nest Part Of Your Home

- 11:37 am - May 22nd, 2017

You home comfort becomes second nature to the Nest thermostat after just one week of manual adjustments by the homeowner. The Nest’s ability to “learn” how and when you heat and cool your home make it an ideal addition to any comfort system. Not only that, but it also provides mobile control over the temperature of your home, and energy-saving settings that can save you an average of $131 to $145 a year.

The Nest thermostat remembers how you set your home’s temperature every time you make a change. If it’s too cold in the morning, the Nest will remember to turn on the heat around the same time you get out of bed. If it’s too warm at night, the Nest will remember that you like to cool down before bed, and make those adjustments automatically. The more you use your Nest thermostat, the more it learns about your preferences and schedule. 

With new remote capabilities through your smartphone, the Nest can even tell when you’re home using your phone’s GPS. It reduces your energy costs by entering energy-saving mode when you leave for work or after the kids leave for school. It knows when the house is empty, and adjusts your heating and cooling systems accordingly.

Contact Tracey Energy and find out why the Nest thermostat is just the tool your home needs to make your comfort system more efficient and convenient. Through your smartphone, tablet or other mobile device, no matter where you are, control of your home comfort system is always in your hands!

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