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- 10:59 am - April 14th, 2016

Your heating oil storage tank is durable and built to withstand intense weather conditions, but like most things, even high-quality storage tanks have a finite lifespan. Heating oil tanks contain hundreds of gallons of fuel and can corrode from the inside out over a period of time. Your tank may look perfectly fine, but it could be wearing excessively thin in spots. If a leak occurs, it could mean thousands of dollars in damage. Is your tank protected? With TankSure® from Tracey Energy, it will be.
The TankSure® Program evaluates the safety and integrity of your heating oil tank with the help of EPA-approved technology. Our technicians are trained to conduct the TankSure® Program ultrasonic tank test, which helps locate potential issues and indicates when a tank will need to be replaced. Once your tank is qualified with this test, you will receive a Tank Inspection Certificate, a record that can add value to your home if you ever plan to sell. You will also receive a $1,000 credit toward a new tank it comes time for a replacement.  
The TankSure test can be conducted in conjunction with your annual tune-up. And you won’t just be protecting your tank – you’ll also protect your property, your finances and the environment from the dangers of a potentially costly tank release. 
To sign up for the TankSure® Program, contact Tracey Energy today

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