More Comfort at Home with Tracey Energy

- 2:24 pm - November 23rd, 2020

The coronavirus pandemic forced New Haven homeowners to spend more time indoors. Now temperatures are starting to cool down, so we expect the time spent inside the home to increase even further. Let Tracey Energy help make your home a more comfortable place with these three tips!

1. If you're spending more time at home lately, here's how you can avoid running out of fuel!

  • Check your fuel tank levels more frequently than usual.

  • Order your fuel from Tracey Energy when your fuel gauge gets close to one quarter (1/4) of a tank.

  • Sign up for automatic fuel delivery and we’ll make sure you never run out! And if you’re on automatic delivery, let us know if things at home have changed. If you’re home more, and using more fuel, we need to adjust your delivery schedule.

2. Manage the quality of air inside your home

  • Tracey Energy can add an air purifier to your HVAC system to aid in the removal of mold spores, pet dander, bacteria, pollen and more - reducing the risk of illness, asthma attacks and allergy flare-ups.

  • Humidifiers are ideal for winter months to combat dry air. Dry air can impact both your skin and your furniture and negatively impact the comfort and health of your family. A humidifier can reverse that!

3. Save up to $145 a year with a smart thermostat

  • Smart thermostats, such as the Honeywell Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat let you manage your comfort systems from any mobile, Wi-Fi-enabled device.

  • These thermostats help you save by learning your temperature preferences throughout the day and making automatic adjustments for hands-off energy savings.

  • Homeowners have seen an average of $130-$145 in savings per year on their energy bills.

If you’re going to be home more, you deserve to be comfortable! Call or contact the experts at Tracey Energy to get started on improving your home comfort.

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