Keep Energy Bills Down This Summer With These Conservation Tips

- 11:13 am - June 1st, 2015

Memorial Day has passed and summer has unofficially begun! As temperatures climb into the 80s and 90s, it’s important to monitor your energy use to keep your electricity bills down. Upgrading your central A/C system can help save 60% on your summertime energy bills, but there are many other ways to help lower your energy use this spring and summer. Follow these other simple warm weather conservation tips to help you save:
  • Close the curtains – This will help block the sunlight from heating your home.
  • Install reflective window coatings – This will reflect sunlight away from your home to reduce the amount of time you need to use your cooling system.
  • Cook on an outdoor grill – This will stop heat from escaping into your home. If you must cook inside, use a microwave instead of your oven. 
  • Open windows – If the outdoor temperature is lower than the temperature inside, opening windows will help avoid keeping your A/C on. 
  • Use ceiling fans– Ceiling fans can supplement your air conditioner by blowing the cool air around your home. 
For additional summer conservation tips, visit our energy conservation page or contact us.

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