Holiday Season Conservation Tips

- 11:09 am - November 14th, 2014

Holiday season can be expensive enough without additional energy costs. Energy conservation is important year round, but during the heating season the impact on your wallet can be especially noticeable. Making smart decisions while cooking Thanksgiving dinner, decorating your home, and even just living day-to-day-live can help you keep your energy bills down. Here are some energy saving tips for this holiday season and all year long to add a little jingle to your wallet.
  • Use your oven light instead of opening the door– Opening your oven will allow about 20 degrees to escape, requiring more energy to raise the temperature back up.
  • Keep your fridge closed – Poor refrigerator opening/closing habits (such as leaving your fridge open while you pour your morning juice) can waste enough energy over the course of a year to run your dishwasher almost 50 times.
  • Use LED Christmas Lights – LED Christmas lights can save you up to $10 every 300 hours they are on. They also burn cooler, reducing the risk of Christmas tree fires.
  • Install a programmable thermostat – Setting back your temperature when you’re asleep or away from home can cut total heating/cooling costs by up to 15%. 
  • Wrap your pipes – This will help prevent your pipes from freezing and will ensure heat does not escape before it gets to its desired location.
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