Tracey Energy Has The Right AC For You

- 4:27 pm - July 11th, 2017

When it comes to air conditioning systems, bigger typically means more power. However, more power doesn’t necessarily add up to more efficiency! Cooling down your home during the long summer days requires the right sized air conditioner– not too big, not too small.

An air conditioning system that’s too small for your home has to work harder and longer to cool the space down. The longer cycles smaller systems need can overheat the internal components, and put a substantial drain on your home’s electricity! If sizing up isn’t an option, a mini-split ductless air conditioner could be added to the system to increase the cooling in certain areas.

Initially, it may seem to make sense to purchase the largest air conditioner you can afford, but more power doesn’t necessarily lead to more comfort. With a larger air conditioner, there may not be enough time for the unit to properly remove moisture from the air because of the speed in which it cools the room. Large units don’t run for a long time because they reach the desired temperature and shut off, not allowing for the proper cycling to occur. This constant on and off of the system can also result in more wear and tear on the unit, eventually resulting in a breakdown.

Need help finding the air conditioner that’s just right for your home? Contact Tracey Energy today and we can help you figure out what you need to cool your home efficiently without overspending on equipment or utility bills.

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